Government Agencies & Defense

Government agencies and defense departments carry a lot of risk. They require extremely secure, reliable databases and software to maintain safe operations. SMS Pro is proud to provide this security to various governmental organizations, contractors, and defense departments all over the globe.

Good SMS solutions for governmental agencies and defense departments provide high grade tools that:

  • Provide high usability and guidance for meeting compliance expectations;
  • Have a strong suite of safety performance monitoring tools; and
  • Have a thoroughly tested SMS framework that agencies and departments can rely upon to build their SMS.

Our aviation safety databases have been relied upon by agencies and defense departments with 100% success for over 10 years. We regularly stress test the security of our software to maintain first class security. Our aviation SMS databases are backed up and kept in a climate controlled, secure locations.

SMS Pro is a complete SMS. This means that it provides all of the SMS design and SMS performance tools needed to satisfy the 4 pillars of SMS. Having all of these tools available saves organizations a considerable amount of time, resources, and manpower to accomplish tasks. The result is that you free up budget to dedicate to other important goals.

In addition to a complete SMS, our clients have access to a vast amount guidance and training materials. Our aviation SMS guidance materials have been used as training materials by organizations such as the FAA and Boeing. Since we work with clients all over the globe, we have a broad understanding of what works, and what doesn’t.

Consider SMS Pro for your governmental agency or defense department. SMS Pro was designed for ICAO compliance SMS.