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Introduction to Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Since 2008, SMS Pro's Flight/Mission Risk Assessment Tools allow managers to control risk based on individual assessments.

SMS Pro's Mission Risk Assessment Tool provides "proactive identification of possible hazards and the use of risk management tools to mitigate risks as aspects of a Safety Management System (SMS)."

This completely customizable Mission Risk Assessment Tool allows escalation of required actions based upon an individual mission's risk.
There are four categories to evaluate for any particular mission:

  • Manpower
  • Operating Environment
  • Equipment
  • Departures / Arrivals

Based on the Mission Risk Value, users can submit via email an escalation report to configured users or third parties. In addition, one can easily send all mission reports to an email account to archive. One can even email a report to "dispatch."

Finally, one can print a hard-copy report to get get required signatures or file.

More Information about Flight Risk Assessment Tools

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