4 Pillars of SMS - SMS Pro™ facilitates ICAO Compliance

Based on four ICAO "pillars" or components

Civil Aviation Authorities around the world are structuring their aviation SMS requirements around the ICAO document 9859. ICAO Document 9859 has strongly influenced the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and others to develop an SMS framework based on the following four elements or "pillars":

Safety Policy

Define Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships outlined in policies and procedures

Safety Risk Management

Hazard identification and safety risk management process

Safety Assurance

Ensures Policies, Controls & Assessments are Implemented

Safety Promotion

Promote safety as a core value with practices that support a sound safety culture

SMS Pro™ follows these four well-known pillars. Every safety management system database must strive to provide tools to save safety managers time and money. Whether your aviation hazard database starts with a simple hazard reporting tool, or a very sophisticated aviation risk assessment database program, you still need to ensure your program addresses these four pillars.

"SMS Pro™ is based on the recommendations of: ICAO's SMS, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), IS-BAO, and Transport Canada" 

What our Client says

Anybody who has read ICAO Doc 9859 will see that the major points are covered with the software.

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