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About Custom Inspection Forms for Internal Audits, Inspections, Evaluations

Custom Inspection Forms Creator provides a means for operators to customize and manage internal audits. The module creates custom forms for audits, inspections and evaluations.

About Checklists Checklists if developed for a specific audit and used correctly:

  • Promote planning for the audit
  • Ensure a consistent audit approach
  • Act as a sampling plan and time manager
  • Serve as a training aid
  • Provide a repository for notes collected during the pre-audit process (audit field notes)

Pre-audit checklists should to be developed to provide assistance for the pre-audit process.

Auditors/managers need to be trained in the use of particular checklists and be shown how to use them to obtain maximum information by using good issue-resolutions techniques.

Checklists should assist an organization to perform better during the audit process.

Checklists help to ensure that an audit preparation is conducted in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Checklists can provide structure and continuity to audit preparation and can ensure that the audit scope is being followed.

Checklists can provide a means of communication, reporting issues, managing corrective actions and a place for documentation.

Checklist can provide a record that the system was examined.

Checklists can be used as an information base for planning future audits.

This module helps to:

  • Easily create custom inspection forms for users to use for pre-audit preparation
  • Customize your Gap Analysis template to suit your operations
  • Export inspection forms to pdf format


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