Why Choose SMS Pro for Your SMS Software?

World-Leading Aviation SMS Software

SMS Pro is the world’s leading aviation SMS software. We have clients on every habitable continent, covering all aviation service industries including:

  • Government defense agencies
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Military
  • MROs
  • Flight schools
  • And many more

SMS Pro is world leading because it is so reliable. Its workflows are reliable. Its usability is reliable. You can rely on its tools and features to maintain a compliance, performant SMS no matter the size or SMS or country of operations.

Regulatory Compliance

SMS Pro was built to be an ICAO compliant system. Thus, our tools, workflows, and design meet regulatory requirements for nearly all SMS compliance authorities in the world.

We have clients in dozens of countries, on every habitable continent, who use SMS Pro to meet their compliance. Our Auditing Suite allows you to build customized forms that are specific to your regulation requirements, and:

  • Conduct internal audits;
  • Manage findings and concerns as safety issues; and
  • Provide access for compliance auditors and inspects to audit your SMS within SMS Pro.

Complete System for SMS Design and Maximum SMS Performance

SMS Pro provides every tool you need to:

  • Design and develop your SMS
  • Implement your SMS
  • Monitor SMS performance with hundreds of performance charts
  • Monitor performance of risk controls and goals/objectives
  • Improve your SMS performance by building and automatic monitoring of KPIs/SPIs
  • Build a high-quality safety culture with many safety promotional tools

Designed for, Tested By, and Proven with Aviation Service Providers

SMS Pro was designed specifically for the aviation industry. This means that none of our tools are “watered down” or “generic” more many types of industries. Our tools are honed for aviation risk management.

This means that every tool is:

  • Specific to aviation SMS
  • Relevant to aviation operations
  • Tested by aviation operators for usability
  • Proven in actual SMS to be useful and valuable

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, with Configurable Security

Our aviation SMS software is a cloud based software, meaning you can access it anywhere that you have internet. All data is stored and backed up in our aviation SMS database:

  • No duplicate, conflicting data spread out in your organization
  • No risk of losing data
  • Significant automation
  • High levels of configurable security access

Most Features of Any Aviation SMS Software

Simply put, there is no other aviation SMS software on the market that even compares to the quality and range of features in SMS Pro. We do what our competitors do, better than they do it, and offer significantly more tools than they do.

  • 70+ SMS modules
  • Extensive tools for all 4 Pillars of SMS
  • Significant automation to save you time and headache for manual work
  • Extensive tools to cover SMS design and performance
  • Proven workflows and templates
  • 100% reliable

Continuous Improvement

SMS Pro has a team of dedicated engineers and safety professionals who are constantly listening to suggestions and:

  • Adding new, desired functionality
  • Developing custom functionality for individual clients
  • Using state of the art technology to improve existing functionality

Significant Aviation Training, Guidance, and Support

We work with you as you implement your SMS, prepare for audits, and conduct other operations. Our guidance:

  • Includes in depth guides and videos for every module
  • Has been used by organizations like the FAA and Boeing for their training
  • Is nearly round the clock, meaning you can contact us almost any time of day
  • Includes support tickets, email, custom training videos, and onsite training
  • Has access to specific SMS Pro training, as well as general SMS training