What is Safety Promotion - With Free Resources

What is Safety Promotion?

Promote safety as a core business value with practices supporting a sound safety culture

Objective of Safety Promotion

Safety management systems cannot be successful merely because an accountable executive and top management will it. Safety promotion activities begin with top management support, but must include all levels of the organization.

Safety promotion becomes indispensable to create and maintain a sound safety culture. Safety promotion may be considered as a combination of

  • safety culture enhancement,
  • training and education,
  • sharing safety goals and objectives,
  • safety communications, and
  • data sharing activities supporting the implementation and operation of an SMS.

Software Tools to Manage Safety Promotion Activities

SMS Pro has several popular tools to assist in safety promotion.

Free Safety Promotion Downloads

These free download resources help aviation safety professionals understand and practice required safety promotion activities. Feel free to share or distribute as you wish.

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