National and Regional SMS Data Management Challenges


We saw the enterprise-level data management nightmares that are plaguing most airports around the world as they comply with ICAO's mandate. (see ICAO Compliance Problem link) There are many competent, highly skilled safety managers working in these positions; however, they are not SMS data management professionals. This causes systemic troubles in the entire "national airport SMS organism."

Regional Challenges Continue From Enterprise Level...

Any attempt to get accurate, current reports from airports' SMS systems at the national level leads to suspicious and immediately outdated results. Coordinating data retrieval and data aggregation processes costs exorbitant amounts of money EACH time national or regional reports are required.
How can one perform a valid trend analysis on suspect and outdated data? Reports at the national and regional level are incredibly expensive to collate and impossible to create with any degree of accuracy. Months or even years may be required to compile reports identifying trends. By this time, new trends may be developing.

National & Regional SMS Data Management Challenges


SMS Pro Provides Consistent and Central Data Storage

SMS Pro™ is a centralized solution to manage aviation SMS programs for ICAO compliance.

  • Web-Based Database Application
  • Customizable to Each Airport
  • Promotes Accountability
  • Closes Feedback Loop
  • Keeps Users Engaged
  • Facilitates Airport Stakeholder Communication
  • Reduces Cost to Manage ICAO Compliant SMS
  • Very Easy to Setup to Get Started Quickly

Elements of Centralized SMS Pro™ Solution

Central Database

  • Data aggregated in one accessible location
  • Easy to compile reports
  • Backup data at one location (store at multiple)

Web Application

  • Increased Availability
  • Files stored at one location
  • Role-based security allows ALL users to interact
  • Email communications built-in
  • Reduced costs

Centralized SMS Data Management Approach

  • Users submit reports and receive immediate feedback
  • Users can check the status of their reported issue whenever desired
  • Safety Mangers are notified immediately of reported issues and react immediately
  • Department heads are assigned issues relating to them. All documentation remains with the issue, even auditing remarks, auditing history, and review history.
  • Accountable executive remains informed. He can be automatically notified when issues are classified as high risk or when high risk issues are closed.
  • When issues have exceeded targeted closure dates, managers are automatically notified
  • Trend alerts automatically emailed to selected users based either on number of occurrences or financial thresholds
  • Data can be exported – and the data remains fresh
  • discover National & Regional
Centralized SMS Data Management Approach