SMS Safety Communication

SMS #2 Element of Safety Promotion

The airline or airport must establish and implement processes and procedures facilitating effective communication throughout all levels of the organization. Operators should communicate their safety objectives, as well as the current status of any related activities and events. Operators must also encourage bottom-up communication, providing an environment that allows senior management to receive open and constructive feedback from operational personnel.

Compliance of this requirement is indicated when:

  • Safety plans and strategies are communicated throughout the organization to all personnel; and
  • Significant events and investigation outcomes associated with the organization are communicated to all personnel, including contracted organizations where appropriate.

This element is satisfied when all personnel are aware of the SMS, safety critical information and their role in respect of aviation safety.

SMS Pro modules used to support this requirement

Best Practices

  • There is a safety communication strategy that includes electronic communication, frequent meetings, SMS award systems, employee recognition system, SMS bulletins etc;
  • Significant events and investigation outcomes from external sources are communicated to all personnel including contracted organizations where appropriate;
  • The effectiveness of safety communication is routinely assessed and the strategy revised as required; and
  • Safety-related information is proactively shared with other parties.


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