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Introduction to Aviation SMS Version Controlled Documentation

In the first few years, NWDS provided a couple different solutions for managing version controlled documentation.

One thing we quickly learned is that document management is a complex task when done properly. Also, we found better solutions than what we could provide,so we provide a third party plugin to manage your version controlled documents. The product we provide in the hosted SMS Pro™ is Document Exchange. If we install SMS Pro™ for you, then we will also add this module per request.

Organize your content

  • Store your files in a folder structure, just as you would when using your trusted Windows Explorer. Any document belongs to exactly one folder.
  • Organize your files using categories. Any document can belong to multiple categories.

Share content

  • Share your files across your portal. Every DMX module is a virtual drive into an underlying folder structure. Instantiate multiple DMX instances in your portal and allow your users to share content across the portal.
  • Link to content in DMX using URL that will navigate to content automatically
  • Syndicate content from DMX using RSS

Document Upload/Download

  • Use the wizard to upload content. Uploading becomes much more user friendly using a wizard interface, guiding the user through the process.
  • Upload control shows progress and prevents mishaps. The upload control gives the user feedback about the upload process.
  • Upload multiple files at once.
  • Double click download.
  • Download by email.
  • Choose between upload controls
  • Unzip on upload
  • Specify a thumbnail for a document (new)


Aviation SMS Documentations
  • Every item (folder, document, etc) has its own security settings.
  • Permissions are both role- and user based.
  • Permissions are extensible. By default ADD, VIEW, EDIT, APPROVE are available. For custom applications more can be added.
  • By default permissions are inherited upon creation of an item.
  • Files are hashed and renamed to prevent direct download.
  • Files can be saved outside the portal root and even to a network share to further complicate tampering.
  • Administrators can decide to switch off permission setting by regular users for particular branches of the document tree
  • Document Administrators can revive documents from the last stage of deletion, called the graveyard (new)


  • Use the search box above the file list to quickly filter a list without interaction with the server (i.e. this is lightning fast)
  • Search engine is configurable and can set changed per portal.
  • Document contents are indexed using DotLucene® search engine or MS Indexing Service.
  • Use our unique on screen search panel to search the entire contents of the repository
  • Search on any field or combination of fields.
  • Use an advanced search box to compile your own Lucene syntax queries.
  • Limit search to folder/subfolders
  • Highlights in search results (new)


  • Subscribe to content and be notified upon changes
  • Use of tokens means admin can make custom notifications
  • The notification mechanism can be expanded for use in custom applications
  • Notifications are pooled and sent in batches to avoid email floods
  • Email documents from within the module to others (new)

Document Manager Powerpoint Presentation

More Information About Aviation SMS Documentation

FAA Safety Management System (SMS) Framework PDF
UK Civil Aviation Authority Operations & Safety
GCAA Advisory Publication CAAP 50 on Safety Management System (SMS) PDF
Australian Government Advisory Circular AC 145-1(0) Draft PDF

SMS Software for Airlines, Airports, Maintenance, Flight Schools, Drones UAS
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