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Introduction to Aviation Hazard Reporting Software

Hazard Reporting Module

SMS Pro's Hazard Reporting module is a risk management tool that gives employees a simple, efficient, and secure method of reporting any type of workplace event, including safety, security, quality or compliance.

This module provides employees with an open avenue of communication to report workplace problems anonymously and confidentially. These reported issues allow management to concentrate on minimizing operational risk, improving safety and protecting assets.

Purpose of Aviation Hazard Reporting Software

SMS Pro's aviation hazard reporting software provides employees a group of pre-defined, user-friendly online hazard reporting forms for reporting aviation-related hazards, accidents and incidents concerning equipment, work sites, manufacturing facilities (for aircraft manufacturers) and airports. SMS Pro's reported hazard list is managed by safety managers using the Web based interface. Safety managers assign reported hazards, incidents and accidents to responsible department heads, who then send corrective action request notifications to other managers or employees within their sphere of influence. Once employees have completed corrective/preventive actions (CPAs), the Web based aviation safety management system updates reported issues indicating the hazardous conditions assigned to their specific equipment or facility have been mitigated.

Hazard reporting software offers many benefits over a paper based system and reduces risk management time tremendously. Documentation also remains in one centralized location.

Why Use Web Based Hazard Reporting Software?

Employees can readily see a list of reported hazards at your company to lower the risk of injury or repeated occurrences of safety related issues. Hazard awareness remains a key component of safety promotion activities within an active aviation safety management system for mitigating risk for airlines, airports, aviation maintenance, fixed base operators and flight school organizations. Web based hazard reporting software helps prevent employee injuries while more effectively reducing risk to facilities and equipment. SMS Pro's hazard reporting software focuses beyond hazards to include issues relating to security, quality, compliance and environmental issues. Any issue that employees believe may improve operations and the company's effectiveness is encouraged to be brought forward for risk management.

How does Hazard Reporting Software Work?

SMS Pro's hazard reporting software tracks hazards from start to finish. SMS Pro closes the feedback loop by immediately thanking the original reporting party for reporting the issues, whether the issue is related to safety, security, quality, compliance or environmental. Furthermore, the reporting party can optionally request email notification updates of the corrective/preventive actions taken and resolution. SMS Pro is among the best customizable, hazard reporting software on the market developed specifically for the aviation industry. SMS Pro helps boost employee work moral by keeping employees safe, informed and injury-free.

Other SMS Pro Hazard and Injury Reporting Modules

SMS Pro consists of approximately more than 60 modules. An independent OSHA module for injury claims & safety reporting software is also included. The OSHA employee injury tracking software tracks employee safety and related injury claim statistics which is used for required annual OSHA reporting. Once an injury occurs, a claimant or employee supervisor may report the injury immediately (within seven days as required by law), notifying corporate safety manager and configurable insurance managers.

When reported injuries occur due to reported hazardous conditions, Hazard Reporting Solution integrates with hazard reporting software module to demonstrate how a hazardous condition may have ultimately led to an employee injury. In-depth injury investigation software allows investigators to document sequence of events, perform root cause analysis, analyse human factors and implement risk mitigation measures. Seamless integration between aviation safety risk management software and hazard reporting software modules pro-actively strengthens corporate risk management programs with controls for safety management and enforcing accountability.

Hazard Reporting & SMS Management Training

Basic and advanced aviation safety software administrative training and end-user hazard report software training continues to be provided with SMS Pro. Follow this link for aviation SMS training schedules and dates.

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