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Introduction to Proactive Hazard Analysis Software

Proactive Hazard Analysis Module

The aviation industry operates within a wide array of systems, hazards and associated risks. Every man-made system is inherently imperfect and subject to failure. Every man-made system is subjugated to change, which also introduces new hazards and risks. Environmental exposure is among the root causes of every accident, incident and irregularity. If airlines, airports and aviation maintenance organizations removed themselves from their complex operating environments, they would not be exposed to equipment damage, injuries and death. However, this approach is not practical as the aviation industry serves a vital role in our culture.

Key to Effective Airline and Airport Risk Management

The key to airline and airport system safety and effective risk management is the identification of hazards and mitigation, control or transfer of risk. To successfully control risk associated with hazards, it is necessary to understand hazards and know how to identify them. Successful airlines and airports mitigate risk most effectively when all employees are involved in the hazard identification and risk control process.

Software to Proactively Identify and Track Hazards

SMS Pro's Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool (PHAT) comes with a pre-loaded "Operational Risk Profile," (ORP). Each division has an ORP, which is a system that can be described using either the SHELL or 5M model. SMS Admins can configure these ORPs by adding hazard categories, hazard subcategories and hazards. Each hazard is documented by identifying "worst credible risk scenarios," which can be risk assessed.

Proactively Identified Hazards Used to Classify Reported Issues

Resulting ORP hazards are integrated into SMS Pro's Issue Manager. These hazards are used to classify reported issues. Real-time reports are easily created, thereby allowing safety managers to focus risk management strategies on areas most affected. Identified hazards can be easily configured as key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are integrated into many SMS Pro modules, such as KPI Trend Monitoring.

Automatically Know When Investigations Are Required

When SMS Admins identify hazards, they may deem particular hazards as significant enough to warrant investigations whenever the hazard manifests itself. SMS Pro will alert managers when issues require investigations. Another great point about SMS Pro is that automated trend analysis is constantly taking place. Alerts notify managers whenever identified hazards exceed their configured thresholds.

Hazard Register Automatically Generated

Identified hazards that have been reviewed are automatically added to the Hazard Register. Hazard Registers are important in any airline or airport safety management system. You will need to use this Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool to generate a Hazard Register in SMS Pro.

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