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Introduction to OSHA 300 in SMS Pro

OSHA's purpose is to save lives and prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. OSHA attempts to enforce implementation of hazard control strategies in the American workforce, including airlines and airports. OSHA expects meaningful commitment from all employers in the United States, and most countries around the world also have agencies with the equivalent mission. SMS Pro currently has occupational health and safety modules for the United States and the Middle East. In the United States, OSHA reporting and tracking is performed using the OSHA 300 of reporting forms.

Purpose of OSHA 300 in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Aviation SMS Programs have hazard reporting and risk management modules built into the system. These aviation SMS modules are structured specifically for the aviation industry. Since accidents, incidents and irregularities are reported in SMS Pro, we believe it is logical to have OSHA reporting integrated into SMS Pro's risk management framework. Every OSHA-type system in SMS Pro also submits reports into the risk management framework to allow management to perform a root cause analysis and implement and track the necessary corrective preventive actions.

What Are OSHA 300 Tools in Aviation Safety Management Systems

SMS Pro has three related modules to manage OSHA requirements: Issue Reporting, where an OSHA reporting form allows users to submit accidents or incidents; Issue Manager, where safety managers perform risk assessments, classify issues and manage corrective preventive actions; and the OSHA 300 module.

If you are familiar with the OSHA 300 series, you will know there is a 301 Report, 300 Log and the required 300A Summary that must be posted each year at each establishment. 301 Report and Issue Reporter are linked. In fact, there is an advantage to submitting OSHA-related issues in the Issue Reporting module in that you can submit a report for multiple injured personnel instead of having to do them one-by-one. Furthermore, there is an integration with the active users in the portal.

Why Use OSHA 300 Tools in Aviation Safety Management Systems

OSHA software tools in SMS Pro save you time and money. Furthermore, root cause investigations are linked to OSHA reports, regardless of whether the issue originated with a reported issue. OSHA 300 in SMS Pro saves time in that you can duplicate the same report for multiple injured personnel. 300A Summary reports are auto-generated, so you don't have to spend considerable time collecting and calculating the proper statistics. If the data comes from multiple sources, you can overwrite the calculated fields and save them for the future archives. Printing is also a useful feature.

Who Prepares OSHA 300 in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Any employee can initiate an OSHA 301 Report using the Issue Reporting module. Generally, only safety managers and dept heads have access to the OSHA 300 module because there is confidential information stored. Therefore, in order for a separate data entry person to access this module, you will need to contact tech support to configure the page according to your business needs.

How Is the OSHA Prepared?

OSHA 300 series in SMS Pro is very easy to follow. A separate tab exists for each artifact in the OSHA 300 series, including OSHA 301 Report, 300 Log and the 300A Summary. To begin, an administrator must configure the establishments being tracked. Afterwards, any manager can submit OSHA 301 Reports. Total deaths, number of days from work, number of cases with job transfers or restrictions are tracked in OSHA 300 Log.

When Are the OSHA 300 Reports Created

OSHA 301 Reports must be filled out within seven calendar days after receiving the information about the accident or incident. The 300A Summary is filled out each spring and posted in a central location. Establishments that have no reportable injuries or incidents must still fill out the OSHA 300A Summary report.

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