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Monitoring Safety Performance

Key Performance Trend Monitoring module example

After you begin implementing your safety management program, you should ensure your stakeholders are reporting issues. These reported incidents and accidents will be risk assessed and classified. Corrective actions will mitigate risk, help you recover from risk, transfer risk or reduce risk. Investigations may be performed and safety meetings will be scheduled to review safety issues. Furthermore, safety promotion activities, such as surveys and newsletters will be administered to spread the word about your safety program.

All these activities can be tracked using Web based software tools without additional effort. How do you measure the performance of your safety program? Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide an effective method for monitoring performance.

Performance Management Process

The performance management process begins with collecting data and setting goals. Without data to measure progress, the performance management process is merely a waste of effort. SMS Pro has a module called Performance Monitor. Performance Monitor provides management with a snapshot of how their SMS is performing.

ICAO mandates that at a minimum, operators must have an SMS that "Provides for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the safety level achieved." SMS Pro's Performance Monitor allows management an easy way to continuously monitor their SMS program.

SMS Pro's Performance Monitor includes key performance indicators such as hazard reporting, risk management, costs, time to close issues, etc. In addition, the Performance Monitor includes trending charts, tables, percentages, etc.

Default key performance indicators allow top management to quickly see how their safety management system is affecting their operations. Executives are typically not interested in going into the weeds, therefore, the Performance Monitor was developed specifically for them.

SMS Pro's Performance Monitor allows executives to see reported activity in real time! One can quickly see how open is the reporting culture by looking at this Performance Monitoring module. In addition, looking at the average number of days an issue is unresolved is a good metric for organizational responsiveness.

SMS Pro™ provides following default key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Total Number Issues Reported
  • Average Days to Resolve Issue
  • Number Months Reporting
  • Average Number Issues Reported Each Month
  • Total Cost of all Issues
  • Average Cost per Issue
  • Minimum Issue Cost
  • Maximum Issue Cost

Key Safety Performance Indicators Definition and Uses

Key Safety Performance Indicators

  • Measures of safety performance, example: reportable incidents; number of audit findings; loss time injuries etc.
  • Key performance indicators regarding safety culture, example: number of CEO safety visits; number of safety meetings and attendance levels; safety observations made; near misses reported etc.
  • Measures of responsiveness, example: number of days to close reported issues; number of days to start investigations on reported issues;
  • Selected leading indicators are used for monitoring key inputs that enhance safety culture, example: number of safety meetings, safety tours, safety observations.
  • Actual safety performance may miss lagging indicators (example: Lost Time Injuries, etc.).
  • Key safety performance indicators provide insights into the current safety culture at the 30,000 foot level.
  • Selected combinations of indicators are often useful to monitoring organizational safety culture.
  • Key safety performance indicators can be useful when reviewed during safety related investigations.
  • Key safety performance numbers may be misleading.
  • Numbers don't accurately reflect underlying employee attitudes.
  • Unable to identify hazards, risks, control measures from simply reviewing key safety performance numbers.
  • Numbers are just numbers. No clues provided on areas to improve on unless reviewer is familiar with organization.
How to use Key Safety Performance Indicators
  • Should be a key part of the overall safety performance monitoring program that includes review of goals and objectives.
  • Useful for prompting further investigations and/or actions, such as safety promotion activities

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