Key Performance Indicators for Airports/Aerodromes

Key Performance Indicators for airports/aerodromes are often searched for and are useful for creating your aviation safety classification schema. SMS Pro's classification systems are completely customized and you can easily indicate which classifications should be key performance indicators for your airport or aerodrome.

Each airport is different. Each airport/aerodrome will have different lists of key performance indicators and the list will certainly change over time.

List of Key Performance Indicators for Airports/Aerodromes


  • Fatality
  • Reportable Dangerous Occurrence
  • Reportable Occupational Illness / Disease
  • Reportable Serious Injury
  • Near Miss
  • First Aid Injury
  • Equipment Property Damage
  • Lost Time Injury
  • Medical Treatment Case
  • Restricted Workday Case
  • Number of Reported Issues
  • Bird Strike
  • Operational Delay
  • Cancelled Operation
  • Customer complaints
  • Percentage of Flights Delayed > 15 minutes
  • Average Minutes Delay
  • Percentage of Flights Delayed Due to Technical / Commercial reasons

Flights Ops

  • Number of Flights
  • Number of PAX
  • Average Turnaround Time
  • Number Lost Baggage Incidents


  • Spills / Releases / Discharges to Land
  • Spills / Releases / Discharges to Water, including Groundwater
  • Releases / Discharges to Atmosphere
  • Vegetation Removal / Harm
  • Harm to Animal Species
  • Damage to Cultural Site
  • Environmental Noise / Vibration
  • Other


  • Operating Margin
  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Revenue Per Available Seat

List of Airline KPIs

List of Airport KPIs

Easily manage KPIs using SMS Pro

  • Hazard Reporting
  • Flexible Risk Management based on best practices
  • Safety Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Notifications w/Escalation
KPIs for airports