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Manage Safety Training Resources Using Web Based Tools

Safety Training and Qualifications module

SMS Pro has many aviation safety training resources at your disposal. SMS Pro can also be used as your main safety training resource as you satisfy the regulatory requirements for aviation safety training. All employees must be trained and indoctrinated into your aviation SMS program. For initial training, SMS Pro comes equipped with the SMS Induction Manager.

Other free aviation safety training tools include:

  • Free online aviation safety training videos
  • Free aviation safety posters
  • Online documentation training users how to use your SMS management system

Besides these safety training resources, SMS Pro comes equipped with a Web based aviation Training and Qualifications Manager. This training resource provides a means for operators to manage employee training and qualification requirements in a collaborative environment. Not only are aviation training directors involved in managing the safety training and qualifications for their employees, there is also functionality to allow individual employees the ability to request training from the training director.

Shortage of Aviation Specific Safety Training Resources

Companies need tools to manage the training and qualification requirements of employees requiring special skills and qualifications. SMS Pro's Qualifications and Training Manager provides this functionality. The following description offers a brief insight into the power of online safety training resources.

There are several "objects" associated with this safety training management process:

  • Employees
  • Employee Roles & Positions
  • Training Courses (Objects)
  • Qualification Objects

The initial objective is to associate Employees with their assigned roles or positions within the organization. Roles or positions typically require advanced training or qualifications, so this module also associates the training and qualification objects to employees' roles and positions.

Companies may elect to have users' manage their own qualifications. This election is occasionally observed with Canadian clients.

How to Use SMS Pro's Safety Training Resources

There is a chicken and egg scenario when setting up SMS Pro's Training & Qualifications Manager to manage your safety training resources. You can either setup your training first, and then your employee positions and roles, or vice-versa. Either way, once you have your safety training resources and employee roles and positions identified and entered into the system, your first task is to associate these safety training resources to the employee roles and position.

The logic is that each employee role or position requires specific training requirements and these safety training requirements are often renewed on a regular schedule. Once these associations are applied, you then merely associate company roles or job positions to employees. You will then have an idea of your safety training requirements. Each employee will need to be managed to ensure safety training remains current. The following steps give a quick breakdown how these tasks can be completed.

How to Review Expiring Training & Qualifications

Aviation Trainning & Qualifications

You can review expiring qualifications for the entire company or for particular divisions by filtering the lower grids with the "divisions" dropdown list in the upper left.

You will note that there are two tabs for "expiring" items:

  • Expiring Qualifications
  • Expiring Training

You can filter the list of expiring items further by selecting a date range, such as:

  • Items about to expire within 30, 60 or 90 days, or
  • Select items that have already expired.

If necessary, you may export your result sets to Word or Excel to create company reports.

Next Steps

  • After identifying users that require additional qualifications or training, you should schedule training for them.
  • After they have completed their requirements, either the employees (for qualifications - optional), or a designated manager maintains the currency of the qualifications and training in the respective tabs: User Qualifications or User Training.

Organizational Qualifications List

  • Qualifications list provides list of recognized organizational qualifications
    • This module provides a list of qualifications recognized by your organization.
    • Use this list to quickly see who has possess particular qualifications or to edit recognized qualifications.
    • Add new qualifications here.
    • Sophisticated filters are available to reduce the result set.
  • How to Add New Qualifications Objects

    When you need to add new qualifications objects to assign to roles and positions, select the "Create New Qualification" link in the upper right. A popup window appears that is almost identical to the "Create Training" popup.

  • Category
    • The "Category" dropdown list is special in that you can either select an existing category for your training, or you can type in a new name.
    • Enter a descriptive name. If you have qualifications that possesses the same name, but has a different grade or user group targeted, make sure this is part of the name to allow users to easily distinguish between the two.
    • The "Description," "Objectives," and "Notes" sections are for you to use as necessary. These items may be in existing documentation from your organizational training department.
  • Understanding Renewal Periods

    Renewing items can be in days or months. However, there are some special options in the second renewals dropdown list:

    • 7th Month (expires 1st day on 7th month after receiving credit)
    • 13th Month (expires 1st day on 13th month after receiving credit)
    • 25th Month (expires 1st day on 25th month after receiving credit)
    • 37th Month (expires 1st day on 37th month after receiving credit)
    These special codes are used in many countries to manage qualifications and training.

Authority/Provider and Price

Aviation Training

It is often helpful for users to know where to acquire special qualifications and training. It is possible to have more than one provider that provides similar services. How you manage this is within your power. Choose the "preferred" provider. It may be a regulatory authority providing training. In this case, put their name here.

When "Authorities" or "Providers" do not exist in the list, use the form at the lower left to add a new item.

When you have finished filling in the details for your qualifications object, select the "Submit" button. Close the window when you have finished.

How to Edit Qualifications Objects

  • From the list of qualifications objects, select the "Edit" icon to start editing. A popup will appear.
  • When you have finished making the necessary edits, select the "Submit" button. Close the window when you have finished.

How to review User Training?

  • Select User
  • In the Gray Box on the right, select Available Roles and Positions
  • Click the up and down arrow keys to add/remove roles and positions
  • The available role(s) and position(s) are displayed in the middle

How to Assign Training to a user?

  • Select User
  • In block on the right, select Category and Qualification
  • Ensure loaded Training Description is desired Training to assign
  • Press “Add Qualification” Button

How to view User Training Details?

  • Select User
  • In the gray box in the middle, select available Training
  • In the block below the list, the desired Training details is loaded

How to update User Training?

  • Select User
  • In the gray box in the middle, select available Training
  • In the block below the list, the desired Training details is loaded
  • Make necessary changes
  • Click the “submit Button”

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