What Is a Safety Policy

Aviation safety policy is a document like set of statements and commitments of your organization to safety. Completing Safety Policy is generally the first thing organizations will do when implementing a new SMS program. Completing Phase 1 of aviation SMS implementation includes developing your Safety Policy.

Safety Policy should not be confused with other policies and procedures, with may be policies for rules, processes, etc. The core items that should be included in your safety policy are:

  • CEO commitment to safety;
  • Safety goals and objectives;
  • Policy of unacceptable behavior;
  • An emergency response plan;
  • Accountability and authority of roles in your organization;
  • A safety organization chart, which visually maps accountability/authority; and
  • Designation and responsibilities of required safety personnel and management.
What is a Safety Policy?

Fortunately, oversight agencies guidelines for Safety Policy (such as the FAA) are very clear. Safety Policy documents are usually not terribly long, and the length will not vary much between small and larger organization.