Who Should Perform Gap Analysis in Aviation SMS Programs

A gap analysis is a process your organization uses to understand the current state of your SMS program versus the desire's state. The differences between your current state and your desired state are the "gap" in "gap analysis." The desired state should be compliance with your aviation SMS compliance agency.

Gap analysis is generally completed by the following three roles in the SMS program:

  • Safety manager, who oversees the entire gap analysis;
  • Safety team, who may assist the safety manager in acquiring resources, materials, information, etc.; and
  • Subject-matter experts, such as department heads, who may have a clear understanding of the current state of a particular area of the SMS.
Who performs Gap Analysis?

In smaller organizations, it is feasible for a safety manager to complete the gap analysis with some assistance from subject-matter experts. In larger organizations, the safety manager will require extensive assistance from subject-matter experts and, if available, a designated safety team.