Free Aviation SMS Auditing Resources

Auditing your safety management system remains the primary means of complying with SMS Safety Assurance requirements. Please don't believe auditing is the only activity required in this important SMS component.

Most service providers are familiar with audits, as they are either:

  • Routinely auditing their vendors or suppliers; or
  • Annually auditing their own operations to ensure operations are functioning as designed.

This page highlights some of our most popular SMS auditing content, including articles and audit checklists to freely download. Chances are that you are performing audits using Excel spreadsheets. If so, I don' t have to tell you that you are not maximizing the use of your time. You can learn more about software designed specifically for auditing:

  • SMS requirements;
  • Vendors; or
  • Internal operations for quality control.

Educational Audit Articles

Auditing Software