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Introduction to Internal Auditors Report

Many airlines and airports have internal auditors who audit the management of reported aviation safety accidents, incidents and irregularities. In most cases, these auditors carry around a clipboard with their list of items to review. Airline and airport audits can be of many types, but we focus on internal and external audits in this case. Audit results from internal audits are integrated into the Web based aviation safety management system, thereby saving time and money managing audits and subsequent corrective action plans.

Of these internal audits, there are commonly the system-wide audits and auditing of how airline and airport accidents, incidents and irregularities are managed. This issue type audits are what are being generated by the internal auditors report.

Purpose of Internal Auditors Report in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Encouraging auditors to put down their clipboards and use your safety management system to perform aviation safety audits can be a daunting task. To make your jobs easier and to lower resistance of your auditor, the internal auditors' report provides auditors with a report of their work after they have completed their audit. This report can be printed. 

Managers also use the internal auditors report to review a list of auditor findings and comments they made in regards to the management of airline and airport aviation safety issues. Instead of having to wait for the final report, managers can review findings, concerns and comments in real time. These features save time, money and frustration and can lead to a more productive internal auditing process.

What Is Internal Auditors Report in Aviation Safety Management Systems

SMS Pro's Internal Auditors Report is a list of issues a particular auditor reviewed during a site visit. This list provides a convenient interface to review all remarks in a single interface. Furthermore, the report is real time. No canned reports exist, therefore, you get the latest data as soon as it is entered.

Why Use Internal Auditors Report in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Internal auditors reports are in real time. Documentation also stays in your aviation safety management system for other auditors and managers to review findings, concerns and general comments regarding your aviation safety issues. Safety managers and department heads can learn about an auditor's concerns before they leave the premises.

Who Prepares Internal Auditors Report in Aviation Safety Management Systems

Any safety manager, department head or auditor can access the internal auditors reports. Anyone that can access the internal auditors reports can create them. Of course, it is up to the auditors to provide their input before the report has any worth.

How Is the Internal Auditors Report Prepared?

When auditors review aviation safety issues in SMS Pro, there is a section on the Assess tab in Issue Manager reserved for auditors. Auditors can leave comments, submit findings, concerns or generate new issues based on their findings. The audit history of each issue remains in the system, visible to everyone who has access to the particular reported issue.

After auditors have finished reviewing the reported issues of interest, they can then go to the internal auditors report and generate a report by selecting the auditor and the desired date range. The real time auditors report is generated.

When Are Internal Auditors Reports Created

Anytime a user accesses the internal auditors report module, a report is generated. the report can be fine tuned as per division, date range and auditor name. Many auditors will commonly review the same issues, therefore, it is necessary to have the capability to focus only on a particular auditor.

Furthermore, the same auditor may visit your organization repeatedly over the course of several years. Therefore, being able to filter the reports on a date range is a most helpful feature.

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