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Admin File Share Icon

Admin File Share

Adding files is very easy and provides a Windows Explorer look and feel for finding files.

Aircraft Status Icon

Aircraft Status

Aircraft Status module allows pilots, maintenance personnel to manage aircraft and vehicles.

Aircraft Pilot Resource Scheduler Icon

Aircraft-Pilot Scheduling

Built with every industry in mind with a generic, configurable platform which you have full control over to tailor.

Daly Email Notifications Icon

Daily Email Notifications

Automated email notifications are sent to your users when they have overdue items.

Duty Officer Log Icon

Duty Officer Log

Integrates QMS and SMS in one module, allowing you to document anything that happens in your company.

Escalation Scheduler Icon

Escalation Scheduler

Automated notifications to safety committees and upper management ensure managers take the safety program seriously.

Flight Duty Time Icon

Flight Duty Time

Keep track of pilots and maintenance duty limits and send notifications of impending breaches.

Lost & Found Icon

Lost & Found

Report and manage items that have been lost and/or found.

Popup Alert Icon

Popup Alert

Messages can be easily created by management that cannot be ignored.

Report Email Storage Icon

Report Email Storage

All safety related data should be stored in one centralized location - even emails relating to reported issues.

User Dashboard Icon

User Dashboard

Allow custom, interactive dashboards where users can visualize and analyze data across the organization.

Weight & Balance App Icon

Weight & Balance App

Smaller aircraft in remote locations need a way to perform aircraft weight & balance with offline capability.

Safety Risk Management Modules

Bowtie Analysis Icon

Bowtie Analysis

Use this module to conduct full Bowtie analysis and identify the hazard, root causes, consequences, and relevant risk controls.

Classification Report Icon

Classification Report

Easily find reported issues by type of issue, root cause, human factors and proactive hazards.

Custom Report Viewer Icon

Custom Report Viewer

Group of canned reports for managers to review.

Financial Analysis of Risk Charts Icon

Financial Analysis of Risk Charts

Easily generate real-time financial reports allows managers to focus on relevant risk management activities.

Safety Assurance Modules

Checklist Manager Icon

Checklist Manager

Create single and recurring checklists for everyday needed operational tasks.

LOSA Audit Suite Icon

LOSA Audit Suite

LOSA is seen as an important way to help develop countermeasures to operational errors.

OSHA Requirements Management Icon

OSHA Requirements Management

Managing mandatory HSE requirements in your safety program should be seen as a necessity.

Pilot Records Manager Icon

Pilot Records Manager

Manage employee record keeping with optimized record keeping.

Predictive Analysis Icon

Predictive Analysis

How many events / accidents / injuries will your airline or airport have next month?

Safety Case Manager Icon

Safety Case Manager

Safety cases must identify the safety critical aspects of airline and airport operations, both technical and managerial.

Vendor Vehicle PDF Report Icon

Vendor Vehicle PDF Report

Leased aircraft must also be incorporated into your aviation SMS program. Communicate to owners using this module.


Safety Promotion Modules

Aircraft / Airport Status Board Icon

Aircraft/Airport Status Board

Communicate the status of aircraft, vehicles and airports using this easy to manage status board.

Lesson Learned Library Icon

Lesson Learned Library

Online safety library teaches lessons learned from some of your airline or airport's most significant events.

Safety Article Training Library Icon

Safety Article Training Library

Allows managers to track and document employees recurrent SMS training requirements using educational safety articles.

Safety Newsletters Icon

Safety Newsletters

Email-based newsletters communicate important safety information to all organizational employees and stakeholders.