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Pilot Duty Time Manager allows pilots and managers to manage duty hours and flight time. But there is more. Maintenance personnel and flight attendants can also track their duty limitations using SMS Pro's flight duty time limitation module.

Many operators today don't have an online system to track pilot duty hours and flight time. This module fulfills a need that also has additional beneficial features, such as:

  • Real-time status per quarter, half-year and annual;
  • Setting minimum days off per quarter;
  • Customize warning thresholds by percentages before notifications are sent;
  • Users setting default duty times (start shift & finish);
  • Admins set thresholds with automated notifications;
  • Exceedance may be reported as "safety issues;"
  • Direct warnings & exceedances to specific managers;
  • Export reports to PDF; and
  • Use reports for payroll purposes.
  • Separate hours for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel

Pilot Duty Time module has two user groups:

  1. End users (pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel entering their daily hours); and
  2. Managers (who review hours & generate reports).

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