How Is Aviation SMS Software Created?

How is Aviation SMS software created?

When tools are built, the tool maker first must understand the task at hand. In the case of aviation safety management software, the software engineers must understand the aviation industry and the requirements of the formal aviation safety management systems. When software engineers do not understand the business logic, they must rely upon subject matter experts. Subject matter experts may come from the following sources:

  • Aviation SMS training school
  • Aviation SMS experts, such as those completing Masters degrees in SMS programs
  • SMS consultants
  • Actual users of the software (clients)

To begin creating aviation safety software, the business work flow is addressed. Then the software engineer begins by using either one of these approaches:

  • Starting at the database level and working to the user interface
  • Starting by mocking up the user interface and then creating the database to support the UI.

Once the beta is ready, the new aviation safety module is presented to particular clients or SMS consultants for feedback. The module is refined based on feedback and when the module functions in a stable manner, it is released to be used by the remaining clients.

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